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Mount Abu

Perfectly situated in the midst of rich green, forested slopes on the most astounding top in the Aravali run, Mount Abu is one of the finest goals regularly alluded to as summer capital of Rajasthan. Staggering perspectives, cleanliness air and cool atmosphere makes it a perfect withdraw. This dazzling spot lies in the Aravali mountain go at a rough rise of around 1,220 meters above ocean level, with its most elevated point being 'Master Shikhar' which is at stature of 1,722 meters above ocean level. Home to a few dazzling attractions and religious places, this place offers magnificent occasions to explorers, special night couples and experience sweethearts.

Places to See

Dilwara Jain Temples

Situated at a distance of just 2.5 kilometers from Mount Abu, is one of the best attractions in this place. The quality that makes it a must visit is the amazing and brilliant use of marble in the architecture. The feature that makes it a must visit is the amazing and brilliant use of marble in the architecture.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The dense green forest situated between the Aravalli mountain range was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1980 and covers an area of approximately 288 sq kilometers. It is home to plethoras of flora and fauna. While there are traces of past dwellings of the lion and the tiger, but as of now the prime feline predator found here is the Leopard.

Nakki Lake

One of the ancient and sacred lakes, Nakki Lake is one of the most popular attractions in mount Abu. According to Hindu mythology the lake was dug out by the Gods by simply using their nails to gain shelter from the Demon Bashkali, however many such mythological stories exist leading to the creation of this lake.

Abu Road

However this is completely different town, located near the Banwas River, Abu Road is worth seeing. The weather is generally pleasant; however, to enjoy this place to its fullest, one must visit it between November and December.

Guru Shikar

Guru Shikar is the highest point in mount Abu and forms the highest point in the Aravalli mountain range. The place is an ideal spot to get a panoramic view of the whole region and is famous for its temple of Guru Dattatreya an incarnation of the Hindu Deities ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva’ in one.
Apart from there are many other attractions which are equally stunning and worth seeing such as Achalgarh, Trevor’s Tank, Sher E Punjab and etc. Mount Abu is well connected with road and rail but in order to catch the flight you can go to Udaipur Airport which is mere 207 Km away from the city.


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